Our Team.

Our Board of Directors come from diverse backgrounds bringing with them a variety of experiences to serve our client's needs. 








President - Amy Wernicki - Veteran advocate / Volunteer 

Vice President - Edward Litherland - Retired US Army Reserve Command SGT Major; member of Bristol CERT 

Secretary - Melanie Gale - USMC Veteran 

Treasurer - Stanley J. Piotrowski – Retired US Postmaster; served US Air Force;  Member of many local boards and committees 


Executive Director - Donna Dognin – Executive Director / Co-Founder; daughter of USAF Vietnam Veteran; sister OEF/OIF Retired Army Veteran 

Board Members:

Roger Chiasson - Local attorney; son of Veteran 

Maggie Wernicki - Southington High School Student, granddaughter Army Veteran

John Lodovico - US Army Vietnam Veteran; member of many local boards; works at Tunxis Community College 

Co-Founder - Patrick Nelligan - Command Chief Warrant Officer - US Army Reserve; member of many local boards and committees; 




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