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Bristol, Burlington, Harwinton, Plymouth, Thomaston and Wolcott, CT

Veterans Strong Community Center Veterans Fuel Fund serves households whose income lies within 75%- 90% of the State Median Income Guidelines. Applicants should have a general or honorable discharge from US Military service with a minimum of 90 days active duty other than training.  Applicant must not qualify or receive support from other community fuel programs including not limited to SSMF, Operation Fuel, Energy Assistance Program, and State Fuel program.
Each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  



  • No Guaranteed Payment without authorization

  • Payments will be made directly to the fuel provider. Reimbursements of payments will be not allowed

  • One Delivery per Authorization

  • No auto deliveries are paid by this program.

  • One time grant per household per heating season (November 1 - April15)

  • No payment will be issued on behalf of, nor services authorized to, unoccupied dwelling units

  • If a household moves and their heating source changes a review of the application is required

  • Once approved a payment up to $500 will be made directly to your provider

Application Requirements

  1. Copy of Veterans DD214

  2. Completed Veterans Fuel Fund Application (2pgs)

  3. Denial Letter from other fuel assistance programs (if applicable)

  4. Most recent fuel bill

  5. Previous Years Tax Return

  6. Most recent bank statement

  7. Valid State ID

  8. If veteran is deceased - death certificate

  9. Marriage Certificate

​Please call 860-584-6257 or 860-584-6258 for an appointment to apply. 

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